Our mission is to provide customers with excellent service in quality home choices, to provide our team an unparalleled opportunity for personal and professional development, and to provide partners with maximized property asset value. FLP is committed to providing the finest end-to-end property consultancy service thru a team of the most professional, passionate, dedicated, well-trained and ethical property advisors in Malaysia.

To Our Customers

We are dedicated to delivering excellent service in a quality home choices. Our goal is to be the property advisor of your choice because we acknowledge that ultimately our customers define our level of success. Your best interests will always come first because we will always place your concerns ahead of our own.

To Our Team

We are dedicated to developing our team members personally and professionally because of our desire to ensure everyone realizes his or her full potential. Our dynamic work environment, ongoing training, performance-based recognition and opportunities for advancement is at the forefront of the industry. Our passion and commitment to people development define why FLP stands out distinctly.

To Our Partners

We are personally accountable to be the best we can be to maximize the property value of our partners because it is their core tenet . With an unparalleled industry expertise and our unwavering commitment, we ensure our partnership will produce the utmost value for home buyers and investors of today.

Our 4 Main Beliefs


Establishing the most productive real estate platform, one that our members can easily replicate to build their teams up with.
Providing the most authoritative and comprehensive talent training to our members to propel them for greater success.
The importance of being a most reputable branding in property reflects our true potential and serves as a global symbol of trust.
Nurturing our teams to be the best that they can be, for it is through collective team effort that ensure continued success.
Core Values
    We constantly strive for excellence in everything that we do.
    We are self-motivated, yet we achieve so much more with the support from our team!
    Trust forms the basis of our long-term relationships with our team and clients.
    We make it a point to try to understand each other’s unique challenges.
    We always aim higher, setting targets and goals that keep us at the top of our game.
    We emphasise on the human element as it is the driving force behind our success.
    We learn and grow with wisdom and knowledge from across the globe.
    We value our relationship with each other. United we stand, together we can!