Fallon Loo and her team from FLP Realty Sdn Bhd, talk to Property Insight about their success as a team

The saying that “Teamwork is so important that it is virtually impossible for you to reach the heights of your capabilities or make the money that you want without becoming very good at it” by Brian Tracy, seems to ring true with Fallon Loo.


I want to thank Fallon because she is someone who uses her heart to guide you. She shares with you every detail and strategy to succeed in this industry. I have been in the property line for five years now and joining FLP has helped me build my own team while growing the business. I have more than 60 advisors in my team and personally I am learning to inspire my advisors to do more. To date, we have been champion 8 times, all with Fallon’s help.


I only joined FLP about 6 months ago, now I have 60 advisors in my own team achieving an average sales of RM50 million monthly. Joining FLP was the best thing for me and Fallon is always there to lend her support and to motivate us.


I used to focus on achieving my own sales and I was successful at doing just that, but after joining FLP, my focus shifted more towards building a successful team. I learned to share my thoughts and my concerns with my team members and I look at things differently to achieve better results. We have prepared a syllabus to help our advisors improve on their selling skills. I would like to have 300 advisors recruited into my team in three years.


I joined FLP about a year ago and I realise now that FLP is a good platform for one to grow, if you were to compare it with other groups or agencies. With Fallon and FLP, I have not only learned to grow in my personal capacity, but I have also learned to maintain new recruits. I achieve this by identifying each team member’s capabilities, their drive and their tenacity. Currently I have 2 leaders with about 20 team members under each leader, and they all answer to me. My future goal is to recruit 100 members.


The biggest benefit of joining FLP was the change within my mind set. We now produce a sales volume of between RM5 to RM7 million despite having only 20 members in my team. Our goal for the future is to hit the RM10 million mark each month.


I was a fashion designer with five children before I decided to join the property line. Joining FLP helped me to learn certain skills required in this business such as being more convincing. I started off selling properties in the Damansara area and managed to sell five to six units on my own. Back then my personal average sales per month was RM 100,000. Now I have a team of 20 advisors and my wife will be joining the property line soon

Chester LIM

FLP is a unique group and different from the rest within the industry in the sense that we do not limit ourselves to many conventional ways. We go to the extent of having our appreciation dinner at Soju to encourage our younger colleagues to achieve their desired goals. I have about 40 advisors in my own team with an average sales volume of between 10 to 20 million per month. Fallon instils confidence in me and my team, and one such example was during the Mah Sing project where Fallon was able to deliver her promise for early commission pay-outs to advisors.


I learned a lot from joining the FLP team, and remembered this saying ‘I do the right things when I join the right leaders’. I found my niche when I joined this team of successful people, besides growing my income level, it has helped raise my standard of living. I want to thank Fallon for allowing me to achieve my desired income. To anyone who is looking for a job with a much better income, I have this to say: “No matter who or where you are, if you are willing to learn, I will do everything in my power to help you succeed.”


I used to be a singer in the entertainment industry and I earned all my income by winning competitions. Later I set up a performing arts company but found out that it was very difficult to collect from clients. I was inspired to join FLP about a year ago because Fallon delivered what she promised, this has become my inspiration to grow my own team and now I have two leaders in my team who lead their own teams.

Alvin Tan

My brother introduced me to the property line at the age of 18. I am now 22 years old and since joining FLP, I have been earning a 6-figure salary each month. My team has 20 members and we achieved a sales volume of RM15 million. Besides the income growth, FLP also helps me to harness the right skills and that is why I am happy to be part of FLP


FLP is a united team. Each of us share a common goal and we look forward to growing together on this journey. I always tell my team members to just do it. I will make every effort to fight for them and nurture them so they can achieve their desired goals and be successful, just like me, perhaps even more so than me. That is what I wish for them


I was an entrepreneur selling hand phones before I entered the property market. To me FLP is a legendary team within the industry as a whole. I have 20 negotiators in my current team with an average group sales of more than RM10 million. With FLP, I learned that discipline is very important, we have weekly meetings every Monday to help team members plan ahead efficiently and we, as team leaders, provide the necessary support whenever it is needed.


I didn’t want to do project marketing initially because I heard a lot of negative news about this business. Fallon helped to change that perception and gave me the confidence to move into project marketing. Our team of 16 members emphasise on teamwork and joining FLP has certainly raised our expectations. We are more focused as a team rather than as individuals. Our goal is to empower more people to be successful.


It is important to be a good leader, as this helps move the team forward. As a leader you need to be honest, transparent and trustworthy, firm but compassionate at the same time. Any decision you make for your team, you should always consider their thoughts and feelings. Yes, you need to acquire the knowledge and experience and this may take time but rest assured it will give you the confidence to be a good leader.


I completed my SPM and didn’t go further than that but I wanted to earn more than a university graduate hence I joined the property industry. I finally found out how to earn an income that most graduates would be envious of, and that is within a span of two years. Now I have about 20 members in my team and the team spirit is very strong. My goal is to ensure that each of my team members become high achievers and earn a minimum commission of RM30,000 each month.